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Album review

With regards to nicolebitchy's latest post: Where are the mods when you need them? =S

Anyway, I'm shocked that there haven't been any reviews on The Open Door yet. I've been really tied up and have kept forgetting to get around to it. While I have some free time (and see a need for a post of substance), I'll write one up here.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased. I love the guitar sound that seems to be dominant on the whole album, really raw and powerful, and the rhythm section is quite strong. Amy seems to be doing a bit more singing in the lower registers than on Fallen, which is fine with me, she still sounds quite good.

Sweet Sacrifice is a brilliant song as a starter. Quiet to start, then with a bit more guitar&drums, then still fairly calm, and then - BANG! - chorus. Brilliant. Really well put together. I also found it a pretty good track to use to get psyched up before a soccer game, for any of us here who might also be into sports.

My first impression of Call Me When You're Sober was "Hmm..." It had to grow on me, which it did. The first bit of verse one is really resonating with me right now, too. "Should I let you fall/Lose it all/So maybe you can remember yourself." I love the attitude of the lyrics, too. "You want me? Come find me. Make up your mind." "If you loved me, you would be here with me." You can definately hear "You moron" in a lot of lines. But then there's the bridge, and some of the verses where you see that it's definately not all calling someone out for being a jackass, there's a lot of internal conflict going on at the same time.

And now to get a bit random...

Personally, I adore Cloud Nine. Especially the soaring vocals and the guitar at the beginning, when it goes from "I'm not afraid to dream/To sleep, sleep forever" to the next part of the verse. Really good track altogether, one of the best on the album.

Lose Control I think is a really cool song. I love how it builds from verse to chorus. Very slow and soft and then explodes into the chorus part. It's a really driving tune, a bit of a weird one, perhaps, but I love the structure. Soft vocals, to slightly louder vocals, to the chorus, which sounds excellent, and then kind of brings it back down again, rebuilds...

Lithium is really powerful. Really driving, like Lose Control, but slower and softer, and more constant. Once it's built up, it's built up, and then the quiet ending works really well. I love its height at 2 minutes in, and then again when it breaks into the chorus about a minute later. While it's not one that stands out for the loudness factor, you'll hear from listening to it a few times that it's one of the stronger songs emotionally. Like I said, it's powerful, but it's more from the lyrics than the instruments, although they do very well to set the tone of the song.

Anyway, I haven't got a lot of time to finish up my homework before Doctor Who is on, so I guess I'll end this here, as I've got a few things to add into my own journal before I'm off the computer. So, there's some of my thoughts. What are yours? Let's get a discussion going, shall we?
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