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Hey all,

Just thought I would leave a quick post saying hello to everyone. I'm a newbie on this comunity and also on Live Journal. Just trying to find people with similar likes to myself. I'm currently living in Leeds. If anyone is in or around the area, feel free to drop me a line!

As for Evanescence - what a band!! I'm totally in love with Amy Lee. There aren't many people with a voice like hers that would suit the hard rockiness of drums and guitar that IS Evanescence. I don't think I've ever hated a single song they've done. Would love to see them in concert one day! If they come anywhere near me and I've got the pennies I'll be sure to be booking me some tickets!

So yeah, anyways, take care all and hope to speak to you soon,

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i also live in leeds and like evanescence, we could almost be the same person, hmmm maybe not.

I agree, i think Amy Lee is amazing.
Cool!! What part of Leeds are you in? Me and the Mrs live in Moortown. Anywhere near you?
nah, i think i am on the other side in beeston, ha! lived in leeds all my life and still don't know where everything is
Booo!!! that's over the other side of Leeds!!! lol Maybe we should arrange to meet in the city centre one day ... When I have pennies that is, which could be a while!! Take care. I'm off to sleep now. Am shattered! Speak soon,

Hi! New here too. I know what you mean about Amy's voice! I love it that she doesn't scream, like so many hard rock singers, or do a lot of unnecessary ornamentation, and that her voice can go all soft and etherial like that as well as have a really powerful belt. I actually didn't like harder rock at all untill I heard Evanescence, because so many other singers do scream and do unnecessary licks, and you can't understand a word they're singing, which drives me nuts because I'm always listening for good lyrics when I'm listening to pop music. As I described it to my Mom yesterday, it's like if you put classical music, musical theatre and metal together, you get Evanescence. And wow does the combination work!

Anyway, welcome to the community!
I totally agree with you. I wasn't majorly into hard rock either! I did like Linkin Park though. Although they do sometimes scream, you can still make out what they are singing about and their lyrics. Quite a contrast to Amy Lee and Evanescence but hey!! I like the way you've described the sound of Evanescence. I think that it's quite a hard sound to describe as it's rather unique. I can't think of any other band that's as well known as Evanescence that sound like them. Mainly due to Amy's voice I believe. They got a good thing goin'!

Anyways, where abouts you from? As I said, I'm in Leeds, England. Are you from here or across the oceans?
Nope, I'm from across the pond. I'm not familiar with Lincoln Park's music although I've heard of them. They sound reasonable though. Yeh that's what I like about Evanescence. They combine my two favourite genres, classical and musical theatre, with one which I hitherto didn't think could be combined with them.